Introducing the concept of Remote Rooms requires some form of definition or the parameters for what qualifies, I suppose. Well you can't get a much better example than Greystoke Mahale on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania to illustrate the point.

It's properly remote, even in Africa terms. To get there you have to fly for at least 3-4 hours in a small plane and then it's a 90 minute boat ride in a wooden dhow down the lake to Greystoke's white sandy beach. There's no roads into Mahale National Park. Ask anyone who's been there "is it worth going this remote?" and they'll invariably say "unquestionably".

The remote box ticked then.

So what are the rooms like? That clever balance between what feels natural and simple BUT then ensuring you have all the comforts you need. Total 'bush' privacy with en-suite bathrooms and powerful hot showers. Big 4 poster beds with top quality cotton sheets. Your own dressing room. And finally an upstairs chill-out deck with spectacular views out across the lake.

Rooms that are set in spectacular scenery, beautifully designed, private and just, sexy. All those boxes boldly ticked then at Greystoke.

Remote Rooms - It's that simple? Nearly, but not quite. We won't recommend a place in Africa simply on the lodge, camp or hotel itself. There has to be a fundamental reason for going there in the first place. Something you do, see or experience.

In Greystoke's case it's walking with the wild chimpanzees through the lush Mahale forest. A big, big tick on the experience front.

The problem with starting at Greystoke Mahale as the defining example of what constitutes Remote Rooms is it'll be a hard one to follow. As ever though Africa rarely under delivers. We've discovered some other real gems for you to explore....

If you want to travel to Greystoke Mahale give us a call on 0203 621 8008 or email to start planning a safari to Tanzania that includes this unique camp.